Must Do This Summer – River Wye Canoe Trip

After walking down the River Wye I have decided that a half or a whole day in a canoe would be great fun and relaxing, I am waiting for the end of the summer holidays and the kids go back to school so the trip is truly relaxing, probably a mid week trip.

Camping & Eating

I have found that I can set up camp at Symonds Yat east and enjoy another nice meal at the Saracens Head pub, rib eye steak was delicious last visit. Saracens Head Website..

Canoe Hire

There are 2 main companies that hire canoes in the Symonds Yat area, I haven’t decided which one to use yet but comment below with any recommendations.

Wyedean Canoe Hire –

Wye Canoes –

Walk Camp Cycle –

Swans And Ducks On Stroudwater Navigation Near Stonehouse

Swans And Ducks On Stroudwater Navigation Near Stonehouse

These are a few photos of a few mallards and swans in Stroudwater navigation near Stonehouse Gloucestershire


New Years Walking Resolutions For Me

To give me some structure and motivation to get this blog going I have decided to scrap the normal resolutions and compile a list of the next 10 waterways walks that I should and want to complete.

The walks are not listed in any particular order I will link from this page when done.

You all know resolutions get broken, change or you get newer better priorities but think this post will be a bit of fun.

Also want my readers to suggest via comments below waterways walks that I should do to improve this list.  Looking forward to your suggestions.

10 Waterways Walks For Me

  1.  Sharpness To Gloucester along the canal towpath, I have rowed this, been on my friend Eric’s boat, cycled this rout but never completed on foot with camera.
  2. River Frome From Whitminster to Stroud, Gloucestershire, a short canal walk I havn’t yet completed.
  3. River Severn – River Thames From Saul Junction to Lechlade, 36 miles and 56 Locks.  Think this will become a long  walking & camping weekend walk maybe start at Lechlade end.  More Info…
  4. River Wye; Chepstow-Monmouth a 17 mile walk possibly one day
  5. River Wye; Monmouth-Ross-On-Wye 12 mile walk.
  6. River Wye Ross-On-Wye-Chepstow, 19 Mile walk over a few days.
  7. The Severn Way, probably not able to complete the whole Severn way but hope to pick and choose some 1 and 2 day sections. The Severn Way…
  8. Snowdona Lakes, I have always had a soft spot for Snowdona, will be researching some of the best lakes to visit and maybe return to the sight of my last near death experience at lake Bala.  (White water rafting accident)
  9. The coast is in my mind a water way, the North coast of Cornwall from The River Camel heading south is another route for me in 2014.
  10. Wales coast path, I see this as a challenge I want to complete while single and fit. 882 miles according to the official guide.

Canal At Frampton On Severn From My Archived Photographs

Canal At Frampton On Severn From My Archived Photographs

Scouring my computers which i’m currently merging all my documents and photos so i have a master collection to work from then syncronise between my main, my desktop and 2 backup devices.

I found these photos of the Gloucester-Sharpness canal in Frampton-On-Severn.  Hope you enjoy, I visit FOS and Saul junction very frequently so expect there to be many posts in the near future.