About Me

My name is Richard and I am planning to photo walk all the waterways in the UK.

I live in Gloucestershire but frequently visit other parts of the country, my passion in life is walking and the great outdoors. ¬†Although i don’t do it enough I feel that blogging as i walk will encourage me to walk more.

All my happy times have been near the water, i was vice captain of Gloucester Rowing Club, I walk often along the Gloucester-Sharpness canal, I am an avid Severn Bore Watcher and hoping to get some very good videos in 2014.

Water relaxes me so hope for a good year walking as much of the inland waterways a physically possible.

The Canal At Frampton On Severn

The Canal At Frampton On Severn

More About Me

I am currently working on a few Gloucestershire websites and now. And even run a local networking event on Twitter called Gloucestershire Hour.

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