River Severn Related Gifts & Adverts

To run a good website, one needs to cover costs, i do this by adding adverts relevant to my blogging, in this site adverts will mainly cover Rivers, Walking, Outdoors, Cycling & Accommodation. For reference I like to build a post with all the adverts I want to use in my next few walks.  Please […]

River Thames & Cherwell – Historical Oxford Rivers & Waterways Photos September 2013

Historical Oxford Rivers & Waterways Photos September 2013 These are some river, canal and stream photos from my last visit to Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Not many I know but thought I would add them for reference and to encourage me to have a new photo walk next year in Oxford. Next visit to Oxford won’t be […]

River Severn At Stonebench, Gloucestershire

River Severn at Stonebench, Gloucestershire I visited my friend who is lucky enough to live on the banks of the river Severn in Stonebench, Gloucestershire.  It is my preferred location to go and watch the Severn bore, I’m particularly looking forward to the bores of 2014 as this will be the best year since I started […]